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One of my favorite lines from one of my favorite movies is Tom Cruise's Vincent in Michael Mann's epic thriller Collateral (2004). He says to Max, "Now we have to make the most of it, improvise and adapt to the environment Darwin, shit happen, I Ching. Whatever man, we need to roll with it." This embodies Darwinian theory that while it may not Rolex Air King Replica be the strongest or fastest species to survive, it is the most open to changing. This was the inspiration for the wristwatch we now know.

While wristwatches have been around since the 20th century, Helloreplicas.com it became obvious that it was impossible to remove a watch from one’s waistcoat and then point it at one’s face - a gesture that brought out the joy of boulevardiers and flaneurs - when you were being shot at. The first wrist-borne instrument was actually a modified pocket watch that soldiers quickly made from lugs soldered to their waists and attached to heavy pigskin straps. The wristwatch was a symbol for masculinity, and became an indispensable tool Chopard Replica for the global adventurer and demeselle-romancing rake who needed to accurately plot their nocturnal movements.

The next major evolutionary shift in wristwatches was brought about by necessity, especially for a small Swiss company based in Schaffhausen. This brand had created a unique blend of American industrial ingenuity with traditional Swiss craftsmanship. The International Watch Company was the right name for it. The Second World War saw Britain's Ministry of Defence (MoD), feel that civilian watches weren't suitable for military use. Instead of partnering with one brand, they invited all Swiss manufacturers who could make a watch according to their specifications to join them. Twelve companies were accepted. The "Dirty Dozen" was later referred to as these timepieces. They were made with the goals of durability and unsurpassed visibility even in the most Franck Muller Replica difficult of conditions. The MoD called these watches W.W.W. W.W.W. stands for watch, wrist, waterproof.